Hi there! This is my first attempt at making marquee text! I hope you like it! In the meanwhile, why not check out some of the other pages below?

Welcome to WebLandia, this is my own personal website!

I am into stuff like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Day Of Defeat, War Of The Worlds, and GMod.

My Favorite Things (in no particular order):

My Cat

My Video Games

My Horror Movies

My Family/Friends

1.5.2 Anarchy Server

My 1.5.2 Minecraft anarchy server: town-mc.scalacube.xyz (it will probably be on and off with constant domain changes)

Other Webpages

Assorted Self-made 3D Renders
Recommended Websites
NetSearch 1.0
Legacy Homepage
WebLandia Official Blog
My Media Collection
Games I'm Making
Why Should I Use The Internet???
DemoZone Demo Sharing

And many more! I have a few pages under construction. In the meantime, why not visit some of the ones above?

I hope you find something that you'll like on my website! Have fun! Go crazy! Whatever u want, lol!!!

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